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Generally no. Most patients will experience some discomfort as the sore area is examined as this involves 'poking and prodding'. The treatment is generally well tolerated with some patients experiencing momentary discomfort during the procedures. It is common to have discomfort the evening after a treatment of acute problems. This is best handled with application of an ice pack. Great care is taken in treatment selection to ensure maximum patient comfort during all procedures.

Your first consultation involves a thorough examination and a detailed assessment of your previous medical history and current issues. This takes 30-40 minutes. At this time it is also ascertained whether x-rays or further tests are necessary. If this is the case these are arranged promptly and examined thoroughly before treatment commences.

Once accurate diagnosis has been made and treatment requirements are established, follow up visits generally take no more than 10 minutes.

See Your First Visit for more details.

Yes! In most cases you can train or compete immediately after treatment. In fact a chiropractic adjustment is part of the pre-competition routine for many world class athletes. In the case of acute sports injury, sometimes a rest period is necessary. However the chiropractic approach is to keep the athlete competitive even while recovering from injury.

This will depend on where you are experiencing pain. During the initial examination, you may need to remove outer garments to facilitate thorough examination. During follow-up treatments, in most cases, you can remain fully clothed provided the clothing is not so thick that it would interfere with the treatment. A thin shirt/blouse, vest or t-shirt is ideal.

This depends on your symptoms (or lack of!). While many patients can happily ignore their back once the symptoms have cleared, some patients attend for periodic checkups once their symptoms have gone away in order to stay in good order. Your need for periodic checkups will depend on your history of back/joint problems, lifestyle factors, work environment and fitness levels.

Chiropractic care has been proven to be exceptionally safe in treatment of a wide range of neuromusculoskeletal complaints. As there are no invasive procedures (surgery) or prescription medication involved, it does not carry the same risks as many other treatment approaches. It is common to have some soreness after treatment but serious complications are exceptionally rare and can usually be avoided altogether with thorough assessment before treatment commences.

NO! Early assessment and proper intervention are vital. The quicker you are diagnosed the sooner you will get the treatment you need. However, in most cases it is appropriate to apply ice/cold pack to the sore area without delay.

Yes. However the objective of all treatment programs is to restore normal function to the injured area quickly and without undue reliance on painkillers and anti-inflammatories.

Patients with osteoarthritis can benefit from chiropractic treatment as it helps to restore movement to degenerated joints and reduce pain. It does not 'cure' arthritis but it can help the arthritic joint function as a normal joint would, allowing the patient to get on with their normal activities with minimal limitation.

Yes. Chiropractic's drug-free approach is perfectly suited to expectant/breastfeeding mothers. The changes in posture during pregnancy can place huge strain on the spine and pelvis which can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy can gently reduce this postural strain allowing for greater comfort right up to labour.

This depends on where and when you had the surgery. If you have had abdominal or pelvic surgery in the previous 4 weeks it is not safe to have chiropractic treatment on the lower back area. If you have had back surgery and are still experiencing difficulty after 12 weeks you may be suffering failed back syndrome. This condition is often responsive to chiropractic intervention. If you've had surgery recently please feel free to contact us and discuss your situation so that we can ascertain if it is likely that we can help you.

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